Our machining and mechanical welding skills allow us to use drawings in order to intervene of the manufacture and coating of :

  • Prototypes
  • Single parts
  • Small and medium runs

Industrial maintenance and new works

Through our automation, electricity and industrial hydraulics skills, we operate on site on maintenance issues  and improving the production line. We can provide you with :

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Power distribution system
  • Electrical panels
  • Supervision
  • Energy management
  • Hydraulic and electrical equipment installation and on-site integration
  • Production tool security and modernization

Special machinery and tools conception and manufacturing

Our mechanical engineering team provides you with  global engineering-to-implementation turnkey solutions based on our expertise of precision mechanics, mechanical welding, industrial hydraulics and  embedded electronics.

  • Aeronautical technical platforms
  • Special machinery
  • Customized tools
  • Handling and positioning systems

Example of achievement in the…sector (Oil & Gas / Aeronautics / Water & Environment / Other sectors) Aeronautics